Chemical Peel?

Has any lady out there had any treatment for leathery type lines on the upper chest (breast bone) area. Ive been advised a Chemical Peel would rid this. I found out there is an MD Peel which can be done by a beautician, although she cant say how many I would need and a full Chemical Peel carried out by an authorised Cosemtic Clinic Surgeon. Has anyone had either of these treatments, if so comments and aftercare advice would be appreciated for both. I was also advised that you have to stay out of the sun for 1 year with full surgery and skin becomes blistered and painful until healed whereas the milder MD treatment has no side effects.

Category : Natural Skincare Posted on March 19, 2007

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  1. SpaGrl
    10 years ago

    You should definately go to a medical spa under the supervision of a dermatologist. There are good treatments out there for you. I have not had the treatments myself, but I know that it may be painful because the stronger treatments produce faster results. You will need to wear a high spf sunscreeen when going out into the sun. I bet the results will be worth it though!


  2. old_brain
    10 years ago

    Get some natural source vitamin E the kind you eat d alpha tocherpherol it should say both on the lable not synthetic or dl alpha tocherpherol, there is a definate difference the natural source 400 mg daily when rubbed in to the area will help the skin and it will feel and look better within a week if not discontinue. Eat some too that will also help.

    remember natural source if unsure ask pharmacist accept no substitutes.



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