How do they perform Chemical Peel on your skin?

Does it hurt?

I have some marks/scars on the legs and arms,can I make it fade/smooth out by getting chemical peel(s) there?

About how much per procedure $?


I have many cute summerdresses,but I'm not comfortable to wear any of them before I've taken care of my issue.


Category : Natural Skincare Posted on April 8, 2007

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  1. neutrals
    10 years ago

    I don’t suggest chemical peeling


  2. jannsody
    10 years ago

    Well as far as I know, the tca (medium depth) peel is thought to be much more effective than the alpha hydroxy (includes glycolic) peels, however, they have some down time like 7-10 days. I’ve been reading that tca peels can cost as much as $1,000 (or more). I’m actually saving up for that kinda peel (so that I can have appeal, lol 😉 I have some hyperpigmentation on my face and am hoping that I will have a more youthful appearance.

    I’ve been reading that microdermabrasion doesn’t make too much of a difference despite the hype and all. I believe that with chemical peels, one should go to a dermatologist (as opposed to a plastic surgeon) just because the derm are specialists on the skin. And it’s best to make sure that which ever dr one goes to is board-certified.

    There is a message forum that talks about chemical peels at this site: Very informative and free to register. I looked on the laser treatment board there and found that there are patients that are quite disappointed with the laser as it was too ‘ablative’ or harsh. So it’s great to do one’s homework 🙂


  3. magda_santiago
    10 years ago

    Would you consider using botanically based products that are healthier for your skin, less risky and you do it in the comfort of your home. I can recommend you a great product by Arbonne.
    Let me know if interested.


  4. susanne
    10 years ago

    Not recommended to be done during the summer months,
    your skin will be very sensitive to the sun for a while after the treatment, most ladies at our place wait till the winter months
    before having peels, this should leave your skin repaired for the summer.
    ask as many questions as you like here.


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