Chemical peel?

I have some blotchiness in my skin around my mouth and chin area. I was wondering if a chemical peel would help to lessen it or remove it?

Category : Natural Skincare Posted on May 4, 2008

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  1. Kamo G
    9 years ago

    Yes, but you should use TCA peel or Obagi Blue peel (not glycolic, it’s too weak for blotches). You can buy it on eBay or perform in any medi spa in your area. Just I wouldn’t recommend you to do it in spring or summer, when the sun is active, because you can get different side effects on the treated area.
    If you never try Chemical peel before, don’t start with the high concentration (more than 12-15%), especially if you have pale skin. I was told in medi spa ( ), where I got my first TCA peel, it’s better to perform several treatments with 3-4 weeks break periods starting from 15% TCA and ending (if needed) with 35%. Usually 1-2 treatments are enough to get rid of blotches.


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