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David asks…


I have very little acne of my chest. I went to the dermotologist and he recomended an exfoliator and a cream which is titled differin which is .3% adapalene gel. So ive begun useing dove mositurizing exfoliation and this cream… and the acne got worse!!! are there any home remedies to make it go away besides toothpaste?? thanks!!

admin answers:

Changing eating habits and eliminating toxins..
The cream and exfoliator are most likely filled with toxins. Try rubbing Coconut oil, honey, tree tea oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or peroxide on it, one of them might help. (don’t use them all at the same time)

Steven asks…


ok so i have acne on my back and chest and i really would like it gone before summer.
does anyone know what foods i should avoid? or what foods i should eat to heal and prevent it?
also is ther any creams, medication (not to harsh), remedies that i can use??
thx xox

admin answers:

This is about the most informative site i have found regarding all types of acne

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