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Sharon asks…

Has anyone used TCA Chemical skin peel product by brand name Skin Obsessions?

I ordered the 15 and 25% through Amazon….I was wondering if anyone has tried it…Reviews look good but hoping to know more!

admin answers:

I am currrently using “TCA 15%.”.. I am a 47y/o African American. I started off the first month using it one time. The results were subtle. I progressed to using it once a week now and I am starting to see more noticeable results. As my skin starts to peel, I use an astringent to remove the dead skin. It is definitely worth the money!

Paul asks…

At home chemical peel? I am a 38 year old female, Asian, with medium dark skin.?

I have pitted depressions from acne & also want to lighten my skin color. I was advised by a kohls rep. to use their “good skin” peel pads, which have 10% citric acid. By browsing I found a site, makeup artists choice, which sells proff. strength peels ( 40% lactic acid or 30% glycolic). I dont want to get TCA, which seems to be very strong. I have used olay, loreal, several drug store peels which do nothing, except freshening up a bit. I also got 2 proff. peels done , which I think were mild, b/c they caused very little peeling not visible to others but they did change my skin for a couple of months, but they were very expensive. I am looking for similar results, which I think can be got by peels from that site( makeup artist). I have read rave reviews aboutmakeup artist and also about the “good skin” peel pads. Now I am confused, I just wanted to ask those people who have used these products that I mentioned, so that I could decide. I want to go with makeup artist but am confused

admin answers:

I would check with your dermatologist, because you might have different skin than most, so maybe the peel isn’t working.

From there they can determine what you need to do for your next peel.

Hope that helps a little.

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Category : General Skincare Info Posted on February 4, 2011

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