Your Questions About Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Chris asks…

laser hair removal side effects?

I have a fair skin colour, are there any side effects of laser hair removal treatment? Like it could damage my skin or something?

What is the driving factor for alternatives besides cost?

admin answers:

I know it is a nuisance, but shaving is much safer. Some possible side effects of laser hair removal:

1. Hyperpigmentation (Darkening of the Skin) – usually this is temporary, but in rare cases it can be permanent or long lasting.

2. Hypopigmentation (Lightening of the Skin) – of particular concern to African American skin types or Darker Middle eastern skin types, as a result, AOI has chosen not to treat these skin types.

3. Hair Changes – re-growth hair can be lighter and finer. In rare cases hair growth can be triggered in areas beside the treated areas. This hair can also be treated with further laser treatments, and is extremely rare.

4. Scab Formation or crusting of skin – seldom occurs, and if it does it is temporary and can be treated by applying Vaseline to keep it moist till it goes away.

5. Pain. You can have pain both during and after the procedure.

6. Possibility of long term or permanent skin damage.

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Daniel asks…

laser hair removal side effects and pain?

I wanted to do my eyebrow for laser hair removal but uh i heard that after a few years it can leave white spots on the places they did it at, like scars. Now i know laser hair removal came out about 10 yrs ago or so, but do you think it willimprovee sideeffectss like this in a few years? Also my step sister had it done and she said it was horrible pain and shes tuff, but she got her underarm, kinda tender area =/ is this true that its painful?

admin answers:

There is a lil bit of scarring but it will go away after about a week!

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