Your Questions About Microdermabrasion Reviews

Helen asks…

reviews DermaNew microdermabrasion creme?

reviews DermaNew microdermabrasion creme facial rejuvenation formula … Is it good? Tell me everything .. lol

admin answers:

My friend say’s it was a waste of her money, thats all I know about it.

John asks…

Where would a good place to have peels or microdermabrasion done in bangalore be?

Ive heard of cosmoderma but not seen any reviews.Have heard bad reviews in general about kaya, not specifically about the concerned about this so where do you suggest thanx.

admin answers:

Well, you should visit Dr. Shetty’s clinic. He’s a dermatologist and a very very good one at that. I used to go to him when I used to live in Bangalore. His clinic is in Devata Plaza on Residency Road (opp Bishop Cotton Boys’ School).
He’ll let you know if you need peels or even microdermaabrasion.
Good luck!

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Category : General Skincare Info Posted on February 4, 2011

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