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Mandy asks…



My beauty therapist says I might benefit from a microdermabrasion. I am 24 and I have OK skin but there are very slight (and I mean slight) acne scars from when I was in my early teens).
Would microdermabrasion be beneficial to someone of my age?

admin answers:

Yes, microdermabrasion is safe after you turn 18. Itr will work nice on your acne scars and first fine lines, but you have to be patient, best results are obvious after the entire treatment, 8 sessions. First results, however, are visible after the first session.

Good luck.

Charles asks…


I saw on an answer someone suggested a at home microdermabrasion. I was a natural one using Honey and Baking soda. Does anyone know how much to use of each? It listed SunflowerNaturals as a reference but I can’t find it on that site.

admin answers:

Can’t get you the direct answer to that, but I can suggest the following:
1. After a ling hot shower or bath, when your skin is relaxed, clean and humid, you can take a mixture of honey with corn flour (prepared about an hour or half hour before, with the proportion of 1:1) and gently massage your skin. The effect is amazing, as the flour is performing microdermabrasion, while honey gives the skin the needed vitamins. This can be applied for the whole body. The best application is during or immediately after sauna.
2. If you’re looking to whiten your skin – you can add fresh lemon juice – not too much, about 1/3 of a tea spoon at 1 spoon of Honey.
3. There is Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Pads – I would recommend them, if you don’t like to get Honey dirty 🙂

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Category : General Skincare Info Posted on February 4, 2011

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