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Carol asks…

What area its Better in Vancouver?

We’re going to Vancouver on November 7th for the weekend, never been there before. We’re either going to stay at the Century Plaza Hotel & Spa on 1015 Burrard Street,Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z 1Y5, the Plaza 500 Hotel on 500 West 12TH Ave,Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 1M2 or the Holiday Inn VANCOUVER-CENTRE on 711 WEST BROADWAY,Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 3Y2. I would like to know whats the best area, and if its dangerous? & what area is closer to Night clubs and are this hotels in downtown????

admin answers:

“Hi” leav …well first of all you need a Vancouver map so what I say makes sense, here it is…..


As you are coming here to see the City you’ll want to be downtown and close to the Harbour Area , Gas Town, Yale Town, China Town Robson St. And Granville St. All great areas to walk around and also close to Granville Island which is a great place to spend the day! You may even want easy walking access to the Sky Train and Sea Bus which crosses the Harbour to the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver….an inexpensive way to go on a cruise …lol

The wisest choice is the Century Plaza as it is literally “right down town” and a nice hotel in a great area…..if you look at the map you’ll see where the downtown core is surrounded on 3 sides by water, namely English Bay, Burrard Inlet and False creek !

Bearing that in mind the Plaza 500 is on a busy intersection out of the downtown core near the City Hall and Holiday Inn is just too far away from the downtown core, period ,and is rather dumpy !

The Century Plaza will allow you to pretty well walk everywhere and is in a nice area across from the Wall Centre and close to the underground Pacific Centre Mall and everything else including the Art museum and restaurants, pubs , clubs ,and shopping!

I’m happy to say that the downtown core is a safe area and you’ll be required to relax, have a few beers, look at the sights ,and just simply enjoy yourself, it’s a Canadian law ! *LOL

Hope that helps ya and “Welcome” to Vancouver ! *S* (Michael C)

Steven asks…

Where to buy Bliss Glamour Gloves in Washington state Bellingham area?


I am living in Vancouver, BC. I have Eczema on my hand. I just found out that Bliss Glamour Gloves might help. I know Sephora carries it, but the the closest one to vancouver is at seattle. I wonder does anyone know a place close to Bellingham that also carries Bliss Spa product. Or even better does any one knows who carries Bliss Spa product in Vancouver, BC.

I am not too keen on ordering online from Sephora, because Canadian Customs charges an arm and a leg for processing fee on top of tax and duty.

I did a little search online. It seemed that Macy’s also carries Bliss Spa products. So I will be checking it out this weekend.

admin answers:

You can also order from the bliss website.


you can also try the ebay canada.

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