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Donna asks…

Electroylsis Hair Removal Spa/Clinic in Vancouver BC?

Any recommendation on a great Spa or Clinic for Electrolysis Hair Removal. Why you liked the company and tips you may have. This would be my first experience. Thanks!

admin answers:

I have heard good things about the Laser Hair Removal services we provide – I suggest you review the pros and the cons of these two methods. Please call us at 778-218-1514 and speak with one of our skincare specialist for more details and comparison. It is free to call.

Ken asks…

Which spas are covered by the BCTF medical plan?

my moms a teacher and i want to know if there are any spas in vancouver bc where i can get the 80% back.

admin answers:

. I think you’ll have to personally call each spa. Ask for the Manager.
Have ALL the pertinent info available, and I am sure they will be happy to help. You can call Forever Young Skincare Spa for further information at 778-218-1514.

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Category : General Skincare Info Posted on February 4, 2011

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