Your Questions About Whole Body Vibration Machine

Susan asks…

Which is the BEST whole body vibration machine out there for less?

I have heard of Power Plate, Power Slim Vibration Plate, SlimVibes, VibraSlim and so on…

admin answers:

My Chiropractor uses the Power Slim Vibration Plate in his office; therefore, I suppose the Power Slim Vibration Plate is a best choice I suppose. I have used the Power Slim Vibration Plate during treatment by my Chiropractor and it works great. I went online to check the price (website and I think they have pretty decent price. I have contacted Power Slim seller and they told me alots of Chiroprators and Doctors buy their machines for their offices. I hope my answer has helped you. Good Luck…

Helen asks…

Does anyone have any experience with the soloflex whole body vibration machine?

admin answers:

No but sounds like fun

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Category : General Skincare Info Posted on February 4, 2011

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