Your Questions About Whole Body Vibration Machine

Charles asks…

Where can i find a whole body vibration machine for weight loss in stockport?

Whole body vibration machine vibrates and makes you lose weight. 10 minutes exercise in 1 hour… can find one in Dukinfield just can’t find one closer to Stockport

admin answers:

You are wasting your money,vibrating machines don’t make you lose weight, walking does.

Nancy asks…

is whole body vibration machines good for the health?

i am thinking of buying a whole body machine for home to use with my running?
Is whole body vibration machines good for health and worth the money?

admin answers:

In my opinion, it saves money from going to the massage parlor. But i dont think all that electronic machine is good for the body. That’s just my opinion.

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Category : General Skincare Info Posted on February 4, 2011

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