Vancouver Spa Show – Forever Fit Booth

Vancouver Spa Show - Forever Fit Booth

Vancouver Spa Show - Forever Fit Booth & Forever Young Clothing Line

Forever Fit Shined at the Vancouver Spa Show

The Forever Fit booth was “place to be “during this week’s Spa show in Vancouver where Forever Fit launched an array of new products, including three new state of the art Whole Body Vibration machines, the ‘PowerFit’, the ‘VisiFit’ and the ‘Professional’ models.

Visitors were given the opportunity to interact with the new models  located at the booth, as well as try the equipment throughout the booth. The new ‘Smart’ Whole Body Vibration Machine also generated great deal of interest among the visitors.

These machines are being used by NASA to train their astronauts and have been used to treat all kinds of health ailments as well. 10 minutes on the this machine is equal to 2 hours of workout at the gyms and you lose a minimum of 300 calories!

Customers enjoyed the work out experience with the new VisiFit and PowerFit Whole Body Vibration machine.

See the video, click here.

If you didn’t have an opportunity to interact with our new interactive range of Forever Fit machines at the show, sign up for your in-person demo by contacting your Forever Fit  Sales Representative or contact Forever Fit on Tel: 1-866-979-2348 or

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