Rejuvenating Massage

Root of human health is brain, to lead a health happy life complete balance of mind and body is very important. Massage therapy is one such act that can help relax both mind as well as your body. To keep your body in a good healthy spirit is your prime duty, and massage therapy has widely been used since ages to create a balanced relaxation and healing of human mind and body. Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and there are more than 70 different types of massages that you can possibly choose from. Massage is generally a process that involves working on body with hands, fingers, forearms, feet or elbows with an intention to provide a relaxing or healing experience to the person. It won’t be wrong to say that massage is studying human anatomy in Braille. A gentle touch by an expert masseur can prove out to be a healing touch that can relieve all your body pains.


Feeling stressed after a long week of work and looking for a relaxing experience over weekend? We can provide you with a soothing massage experience that would help you forget all your worries and kick out your stress. It is very important that you choose a well trained professional for massage; otherwise you may have to bear some negative results. At Skin care Spa we offer professional services and our masseurs are well trained to provide a relieving Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and acupuncture.


We provide registered massage therapy aimed at reducing stress, to help you relax and heal out of pain or a tissue/muscle injury. Massage has clinically proven results for tissue and muscle injuries. Massage also helps to de-toxify your body, reduce stress/anxiety and helps to get a glowing skin. The sound body is the product of the sound mind and massage is an effective tool for relaxed mind. So go ahead and avail our professional massage services.

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