Top 4 reasons that why your Teeth need Tooth Whitening Service.



Teeth discoloration is really a common thing that can be seen almost in any age group. From a kid to teenagers and from office goers to older ones, all suffer from teeth discoloration. Here we’d like to enlist 4 major reasons that are responsible for staining teeth.

On-The-Go Life Style

In this non-stop on-the-go type life style there’s no time even for eating food properly and that’s why eating fast food outside or at any eating point with a can of cold drink is so common. But this kind of eating habit causes tooth discoloration. Cold drinks contain such substances that taste good but are unhealthy for our teeth.

Improper and Irregular Brushing Technique

Life is full of tasks and sometimes hurry overtakes our routine work due to which we start avoiding brushing our teeth daily. For a day, it’s okay! But when we don’t brush for continuously for a long time like a week, our teeth become habituated to this and layers of stains start leaving an impact. From a dentist’s point of view, we should brush twice a day to keep our tooth germs and stain free.

In case of children, things are worse as they don’t even know how to brush properly to keep teeth plaque and stain free.

Natural Aging Factor

This has been observed that as you grow older, after a certain period of age, the outermost layer of enamel on your teeth automatically starts depleting. Yet there’s no certain reasons that why this happens, but it happens and this depletion leaves your teeth open for natural staining process. By the time, sooner or later, your teeth automatically go yellowish if you don’t work for their protection.


Fluoride is very common element and its excessive use or consumption in either form like using Fluoride rich products like toothpaste or fluoride in a natural environment like high level of fluoride in water; these things are also responsible for discoloration of teeth.



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