Foot Detox

Feeling dull, slow and immobile?  Struggling from problems that obstructs us from doing what we want? Then it is time to detoxify your body.

Detoxing through your feet is one effective and easy way to help cleanse your body of toxins. Foot detoxing helps balance your energy and is more effective if combined with reflexology. Furthermore, foot detoxification is considered to be one of the safest forms of detoxification. There are many types of foot detox procedures out there and taking advantage of these methods can lead to a versatile and a healthier you.


How does it work?

The ionic foot machine is a device that does all the detoxing you need. It safely and effectively helps balance your energy while detoxifies the toxins and releases it. It works by having a high level of negative ions into the water that attracts toxins. The positive ions in our body help assist in the detoxification more efficiently. These two ions work together and releases the toxins through Osmosis. This process is an effective way of cleansing the body and releases those toxins that makes us vulnerable.

As you are relaxing, the water starts to change into different colours which detoxifies the different parts of our body. For example: when the water turns yellow, it means that your liver is toxic and most of the cleansing was focused on that particular area. When the water turns yellow-greenish, the detoxification focuses on the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, and female uterus/male prostate area. When the water turns orange or red, the detoxification primarily focuses on cleaning the joints and the reproductive chambers of both the male and females. Basically, the water changes into different colours in which the detoxification focuses.

What are its benefits?

Those so called problems that you had lessens or slowly fades away! Foot detox relieves us from joint and muscle pains and also allergies. It brings back our natural sleeping habit and it helps in bringing back the livelier you. It also relieves you from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Where can I get foot detox?

Forever Young Spa detox is the best out there. Their high-end equipment’s give you the best foot detox you will ever experience. A team of expert takes note of the changes that your water has gone and takes note of the progress before and after the treatments are given.

Besides its benefits, Foot Detox is also soothing and relaxing. You just have to sit and relax! The cleansing effect does not only affect our physical self but also emotionally. There’s nothing more beneficial than being able to travel without hesitation and worries from all those problems that bothers you. Through foot detoxification, a new “you” will be reborn and the “old” you becomes history. You will be a person who lives life to the fullest with no more worries.

So, if you’re looking for the best Foot Detox treatment out there, FOREVER YOUNG SPA is for you. With their quality and excellent service, those problems of yours will depart forever.

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