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Medical Rehabilitation

FOREVER FIT  vibration machines are  a safe and effective exercise therapy

FOREVER FIT vibration is a safe and effective exercise therapy designed to help restore strength, mobility and function in people with physical limitations or injuries. We all know that exercise is beneficial in helping people take back their lives after an injury or illness. However, most of us are unable to engage in conventional exercise due to pain, limited movements, or fear of increasing stress to the joints or ligaments. FOREVER FIT Vibration is able to overcome this.


FOREVER FIT vibration works on stimulating muscles through an involuntary stretch reflex. What this means for you is the ability of generating up to 3000 muscle contractions with minimal effort on your part. Best of all, FOREVER FIT’s models Elite and 2 in 1 are machines which have 2 motors have a special  technology  which limits the stress put on joints and ligaments. In addition to gentle but rapid muscle contractions, there are positive effects on circulation and bone density, hence making the FOREVER FIT a multi faceted tool for clinicians and patients. Used by countless hospitals, therapists and doctors across North America, it’s no surprise that it’s the therapy of choice for patients.
Weight Loss

Understanding how FOREVER FIT vibration will help with weight loss

forever-fitOne of the most effective forms of fat loss is the use of high intensity training. However, the majority of us are not high level athletes that can engage in this type of activity. That’s why FOREVER FIT vibration can provide exercise methods that are designed for anyone that cannot endure a high intensity program. Our Vertical Controlled Vibration (VCV) limits any stress on the joints and makes the exercise safe and efficient.

Since our metabolism, and the number of calories we burn each day, is dependent on muscle activity, working the larger muscle groups and as many muscles as possible during one session will lead to the best results. FOREVER FIT vibration is capable of producing 3000 muscle contractions per minute. What this means is that you can finish a full body workout in as little as 10 minutes.

Another effective principle is to change up the exercise stimulus that your body gets. If you work at the same intensity with the same exercises every day, your body will adapt to this and your improvements will level out. With the FOREVER FIT  exercise program, your muscles will not be able to adapt to the stimulus, thereby always ensuring an efficient and effective workout.

Count on FOREVER FIT to be your exercise solution in your weight loss journey.

Sports Performance

FOREVER FIT vibration exercise enables an athlete to recruit more muscles fibres than conventional exercise…

In a competitive sports environment, the smallest gains in strength and performance can give an athlete the edge. These gains separate the elite from the rest of the pack. Therefore, it is crucial that an effective training tool be able to help achieve these goals. For this reason, vibration exercise has its origins in the sports sciences. It is no wonder that more and more professional sports teams and athletes rely on vibration exercise in achieving new levels of performance.

Working through the involuntary stretch reflex, FOREVER FIT vibration exercise enables an athlete to recruit more muscles fibres than conventional exercise, while primarily activating fast twitch muscles. This in turn leads to increased strength, power, flexibility and faster recovery.

The FOREVER FIT vibration platform was designed with the coach and athlete in mind. Its large exercise surface area accommodates the largest athletes and allows for the widest variety of exercises possible. Its ability to handle up to 1500 pounds allows athletes to add resistance weights on top of the vibration stimulus, increasing physiological overload and breaking barriers in training. If you want the reliability of a professional device and the ability to handle the rigors of constant use by the athletic population, the FOREVER FIT is your solution

Beauty & Wellness

FOREVER FIT vibration is the perfect complement to enhancing your beauty and wellness goals. It uses several methods to achieve the desired results. By generating high repetition of gentle muscle contractions, even the hardest to work muscles are activated, leading to increased tone in 10 minutes per session.

FOREVER FIT vibration also works through massage and circulation protocols to help decrease cellulite, increase lymphatic drainage, and increase positive hormones while decreasing the stress hormones. Through our touch screen, the Intuitive Feedback System gives you continuous feedback to keep you on the right track with your goals.


…you can achieve the same results in 10 minutes as you would with 1 hour of conventional training.

FOREVER FIT Vibration exercise is the perfect fitness solution for your goals and needs. In this fast paced society, it is sometimes difficult to find time to maintain and improve our fitness and health levels. Other times, it’s difficult to initiate a program because of physical limitations or pain. FOREVER FIT Vibration was specifically designed to address these issues. Through an involuntary muscle contraction, the FOREVER FIT produces up to 3000 gentle muscle contractions per minute. This means that you can achieve the same results in 15 minutes as you would with 1 hour of conventional training. With a frequency of only three times per week, it leaves more room to do the things you love.

Our unique technology ensures that stress on joints are minimized, thereby providing the optimal solution for those unable to engage in conventional exercise. Add in one of the largest exercise platforms in the market, and customized pre-set programs, you can be assured that your fitness goals will always be met.

Positive benefits on muscles

Force = Mass X Acceleration

Don’t let this formula scare you! All it simply means is the following: Whenever we exercise our muscles, we are using Force to lift more or lift faster. There are two ways to get stronger: lift heavy weights (increasing the MASS to get more Force), or lift lighter weights but faster (keep the same weight but increase the ACCELERATION). FOREVER FIT vibration exercise works on increasing acceleration (rapid movement of the platform) rather than increasing the amount you lift, thereby placing less stress on your joints and ligaments.

Positive benefits on circulation

Gentle rapid contractions allow the muscle to work as a pump, resulting in increased blood flow within the circulatory system. This allows the body to carry off waste products much faster, thereby enhancing circulation and recovery.

Positive benefits on bone

FOREVER FIT vibration exercise has a positive effect on bone. This is based upon Wolffe’s law, which states that bone responds to the physical stresses put on it. Rapid muscular contractions with the FOREVER FIT will lead to increased strength and favorable stresses being placed on the bone.

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