Pregnancy Relief

Get Relief during Pregnancy                 

Although pregnancy is a miraculous process with a remarkable outcome, it can bring about a significant amount of physical change to a woman’s body. Over the period of 9.5 months, a woman will gain an average of 25- 30 pounds, her center of gravity will profoundly shift, and she will experience a myriad of emotions. Not only does pregnancy completely alter the way that the female anatomy circulates fluid, but the extra weight in the abdominal region can lead to swelling of the legs and feet, as well as a tremendous amount of strain on the back and neck muscles.

A prenatal massage is a great way to reduce muscle tension as well as promote relaxation and calming energy, both of which are believed to make the strenuous process of labor and delivery much more bearable. A massage will also help to stimulate circulation, thus reducing the discomfort of swelling in the extremities.

It is important to trust your physical health to the expertise of a professional massage therapist with a significant amount of experience in the field. Certain pressure points throughout the body are known to trigger contractions, and a pregnant woman’s body is likely to require special equipment adjustments to suit her changing physique. Pooja Bhagnari, the proud owner of Forever Young Spa in Surrey BC. is excited to treat pregnant women to a relaxing massage that is specifically designed for their maternal state.

In addition to offering pre-birth appointments, Pooja also provides exceptional postpartum massages for new moms. Although pregnancy typically allows for gradual physical changes over the duration of gestation, postpartum physical changes are usually much more drastic. Instead of having months to become accustomed to the anatomical changes taking place, women often experience an instant alteration in their appearance and physique. This can also lead to intense muscle strain and fatigue. Not to mention, new moms are typically exhausted and overwhelmed from the intense emotional changes and lack of sleep.

Their Certified Massage Practitioner has graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy Spa Practitioner Program, and also a Certified Aesthetician with years of experience in skin care, with over 2600/hrs of training in Spa Treatments, Massage and Natural Detoxification from 3 different countries USA, Venezuela and Canada. Jenny is a lomi-lomi practitioner and true holistic spa therapist

Whether you are a future mom-to-be or the proud owner of a squishy newborn, Pooja is excited to provide you with a relaxing, rejuvenating pre or postnatal massage to restore and replenish moms, both physically and emotionally. Call Forever Young Spa at 604-671-5714 to schedule your appointment today.

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