Premature Aging

The Facial Massage Process

Facial massage may be administered in a salon by an esthetician, as well as by a certified massage therapist, although facial massage may be learned and self-administered by anyone seeking to reap it`s benefits. The patient will lie comfortably face-up and a towel may be draped over the shoulders. The skin is first cleansed and a light moisturizer or, as in the case of the Ayerveda method, an essential oil or herb may be applied. Techniques include using symmetrical circles, light-pressure strokes to relieve tension, application of pressure in the hollows of the eyes, circling of the cheek muscles, circling motions to relieve tension in the chin and neck, as well as the scalp. The moisturizer or oil is then removed a special lotion is usually applied to the skin. The facial massage may indeed be the most enjoyable anti-aging method on the market today!


What is premature aging and how do I avoid it?
Far from natural! Now, we wouldn’t suggest for a minute that there’s anything wrong with growing old gracefully. The natural aging process is defined in our very genetics, resulting in the complex hormonal and \physical transformations that take place throughout life. Premature aging refers to the unnatural acceleration of the natural aging process, primarily due to damage from sun exposure and an unhealthy lifestyle. While the natural aging process cannot be slowed, most people who exhibit signs of aging are actually suffering from premature aging. Sound far-fetched? Consider this: not only are over 99% of wrinkles caused by sun exposure, but premature aging can add up to twenty years to your appearance!

Taking care of your skin early on can help your skin stay healthy well into your golden years. It’s an investment that only takes minutes a day!

Avoiding unprotected sun exposure is the most important measure you can take to protect your skin. General lifestyle factors are also important – a diet too rich in highly-processed foods and alcohol, and lacking in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole foods, can have a significant impact on the health of the skin.

Stress is probably one of the main reasons one would think to get a massage. And why not? We work hard all week and some of us continue even after we punch out at the office. This may also be the same reason the massage got the name of being an unnecessary frivolous pampering session.

There is more to the mechanics of massage than just pampering yourself.

For years people have indulged themselves in a little known pampering session called a massage.  It can be a thirty minute treatment all the way up to an hour.  These indulgences at times appear just as that…… an indulgence and not a necessity.  As frivolous as a massage may seem, it actually has a direct effect on the body’s health and well being.

Massages have been proven to improve the blood circulation.  Proper circulation is vital to the health of the body’s cells.  Cells undergo a lot of mistreatment on a regular basis.  When the stresses of the every day lifestyle come into play, naturally the risk of premature aging in the skin and muscle tissue are directly effected.

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A massage will also detoxify the lymphatic system.  Over time the muscle tissue and lymphatic system absorb toxins.  Massage will release these toxins.  It is imperative to drink lots of water the first twenty-four hours after getting a massage.  The water will flush the toxins from the body.  Otherwise they will nestle back into the area of the body they have been.  This will result in the body returning to the shape it was at before the massage.

It will also assist in the prevention of muscle cramping.  Muscles tend to knot up every so often.  A good massage will loosen the knots helping with the avoidance of cramping.

A massage will reduce the levels of stress and anxiety.  In a working society it is fairly common to experience stress.  Massage therapy will relax the muscles, helping with reduction of stress as well.

Stress is probably one of the main reasons one would think to get a massage.  And why not?  We work hard all week and some of us continue to do so even after we punch out at the office.  We are in an era of working women, moms and even grandmothers.  Working all week and then adding the kids to the mix can be really stressful any several ways.  Naturally the body absorbs all of this stress causing unnecessary wrinkles and unnatural skin discoloration.  Getting a massage from time can help prevent premature aging.

Some Things to Look for in a Massage Therapist

Cleanliness is one of the most important areas to judge the therapist on.  Make special note of his or her hands and nails.  Massage Therapist see clients all throughout the day.  Dirty hands can spread bacteria.  Therapists should be washing there hands before and after seeing each client.  Also note the sheets that cover the massage table.  They should be well kept and free of any noticeable stains.

Take a little time seeking out the right therapist for your needs.  By speaking with the individual prior to meeting with him or her, a lot of knowledge about his/her personality can be discovered.  If at any time there is any rude or hurried behavior detected, thank the therapist for the time given and continue searching.

Atmosphere is also important.  Some therapists have an office available for clients to come to.  Others will travel to a desired location.  Either way be sure the atmosphere is a comfortable setting for you.  The whole purpose of the massage is to release the body of stress and toxins.  Unnecessary distractions can prevent the desired end result.

Massage is proven way of keeping the body and all organs including the skin young.  In the beginning be aware of the therapist’s habits until the desired comfort level is reached.

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