Teeth – Your Personality

You have a big job interview, graduation, wedding, or event coming up – or if you just want to put your best face forward everyday – having shiny, white teeth will restore your confidence in letting the world see your beautiful smile. Your smile is one of the most important aspects of your personality! It is the first thing people notice about you. A bright/white smile will give you the confidence you need to close that business deal, meet new friends or strike up a conversation with that cute guy or gal.


A child’s teeth are generally whiter than the adult teeth that follow. As a person ages the adult teeth often become darker due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, as the enamel becomes less porous and phosphate-deficient. Teeth can also become stained by bacterial pigments, food-goods and vegetables rich with carotenoids.  Certain antibacterial medications (like antibiotics) can also cause teeth stains or a reduction in the brilliance of the enamel.] Ingesting colored liquids like coffee, tea and red wine can also discolor teeth.

If the eyes are the window to your soul, your smile offers insight into your years; specifically how old you are. A yellow dingy smile can age your face by 10 years, says Nancy Rosen, a New York-based cosmetic and restorative dentist. The good news is, you have plenty of options to whiten your smile.

In recent years, teeth’s whitening has become a huge phenomenon. A whiter, brighter smile is one of the first things that people notice about your appearance. It’s no mystery that whiter teeth make us look better: younger, more attractive, more confident. This is why men and women of all ages are now opting for teeth whitening systems to improve their smile.

Whitened teeth can retain their color up to several years if they are properly maintained. Whitening teeth does not involve your clients struggling to maintain a rigid diet that may take weeks or months to yield noticeable results. Teeth whitening products and services work quickly, so your clients can enjoy a radiant smile a short time after the teeth whitening gel coats their teeth.

Laser teeth whitening is latest improved method of removing stains & discolouration from teeth thus makes tooth to look whiter. It is very effective way of brightening the natural colour of your teeth without damaging tooth surface. The present colour of your teeth is matched with a shade card and a brightening gel is applied on the teeth which is then exposed to a sophisticated high intensity white light using the White Spa Polus machine which is focused on your front teeth for 20 minutes at a time and in three sessions of twenty minutes each you can see a huge difference in your teeth  colour. With WhiteSpa® Polus®, sensitivity is minimized and results are maximized!

Laser teeth whitening last for generally 4-5 years depending on the colour of your teeth, lifestyle habits and if you follow up with dental hygiene.

After laser teeth whitening your teeth shade will be brighter up to 4 to 5 shades. In a matter of one hour you see the magic and you will be thrilled by the results. Walk out of the Spa feeling more confident and ready to conquer the world.


–          Pooja Bhagnari