Healthy Weight Loss

Forever Fit Whole Body Vibration Machine & Healthy Weight Loss

Forever Fit Whole Body Vibration Machine Model 5-1 Lg

Forever Fit Whole Body Vibration Machine Model 5-1 Lg

Using the Forever Fit Whole Body Vibration Machine just 3 x 10 minute sessions per day is equivalent to spending 2 hours training with no strain on the joints or the heart as the vibrating plate moves smoothly with speeds from 1-60 levels.

The endless benefits include…


SLIMMING: Consume the unwanted fat on the hips, waist and abdomen by vibration and massage technique thereby firming the skin tone and reshaping the body.

IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION & METABOLISM: With age, cholesterol and calcium gets deposited in the veins and can tighten the interior diameter thereby stiffening these which often leads to high blood pressure and anoxemia and even coronary heart disease. Frequent vibration by the Forever Fit Machine spurs circulation of blood therefore opening the veins and dissolving the detrimental toxins which are evacuated by the higher metabolism rate.

REDUCES CELLULITE: By increasing the blood circulation this breaks down cellulite.

STIMULATES INTESTINES: Stimulates intestines and thus helps with constipation by massaging the points according to ancient Eastern medical theory.

ENHANCED IMMUNITY: Keep fit and enhance immunity by enhancing local circulation of blood.

REGULATES THE NEURAL SYSTEM: Improves conductive ability of nerve cells and regulates the neural system and mitigates neurasthenic (a psychological disorder characterized by chronic fatigue and weakness, loss of memory, and generalized aches and pains, formerly thought to result from exhaustion of the nervous system).

Body Toning:
– Increase metabolism and accelerate weight loss.
– Reduces the appearance of cellulite, firms skin and muscles.
– Cellular waste removal, clean vascular walls and remove body toxins.
Bone Strengthening:
– Increase bone density and prevents osteoporosis.

Forever Fit Machine Benefits a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

How Whole Body Vibration and the Forever Fit Machine Massage support your fitness and healthy weight loss plan.
Whole body vibration has been researched for more than forty years and has been proven to have the following benefits:
• builds muscle, increases flexibility, and improves posture and balance
• aligns ligaments and tendons, stimulates muscle repair
• builds new bone … more help for women with osteoporosis
• increases blood circulation
• reduces cellulite
• balances hormones needed for weight loss … raises your metabolism
• increases the amount of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in your body
It’s amazing that whole body vibration can do all this and provide a Healthy Weight Loss solutions!  It is true … It is affordable … It is proven … And you get these results in 5 to 10 minute sessions, 3 times a week!

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