Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is done by certified skincare specialists using “Cutera Coolglide Excel” which is preferred by most Dermatologists and  is the among best Laser Hair Removal Systems in the market for all skin types including  of tanned skin. It’s unique design, longer wavelength & innovative cooling design allows extremely effective, safe & permanent results. Post Treatments ‘ touch up’ are free for 15 days.

Prices as per Area (Women)

Face                                                                 $80

Arms                                                               $150 – $175

Legs                                                                $350 – $400

Back                                                                $250

Chest                                                               $125

Abdomen                                                      $100

Bikini                                                              $100 – $175

Prices as per Area (Men)

Back                                                                $350

Chest & Abdomen                                     $375 (Shoulders Included)

Upper Arms                                                 $100